Limited Play Free Days

Announcing The Endless Summer Search For Surf play free days.  Now you can try out the two player open world surfing game at no cost for a limited time.  Times will be announced through Steam or on the Instagram account. Wishlist the game on Steam to get notifications.  They will also be announced on Instagram.  See the links on the top of this web page’s home page.  You will need a Steam account to play but it’s free.  The free play days will last 24 hours and be randomized for different days on different weeks.  Comment to request a day.  If there are enough requests a free play will be set up for that day.  Get a no obligation chance to try the game, and if you like it, buy it and play it all the time, with a friend too.  Two player remote can be accessed through Steam, and only one player needs to own the game.