Press Kit


It’s a 3D Open world physics based, split screen, two player video game for PC or Mac and you can play two player remote through Steam.


The idea of the game is surfing simulation, where you learn to surf at the easy beginner breaks then venture out to other islands on your jet ski to find new breaks and surf different waves.

Talking to Players:


The surfing is physics based, which means the surfer can do whatever is possible based on his ability to play and the limits of the setup. Players must use the wave to get speed and perform different maneuvers. Cutbacks, off the lips, and 360’s are possible. Aerials are hard, but can be done on the right wave with the right timing.


Waves vary in size, speed, length, amount of shoulder, and shape. Each break has different waves, and some breaks have set waves and shifting takeoff areas. The waves around the beginner area are easier because they are more consistent, break in nearly the same place every time, and are not very steep. Other breaks have more difficult waves that are faster, or bigger, and when mastered can lead to more of a variety of surfing maneuvers being completed.


There is a scoring system and contest feature, so you can compete with a friend. Compete for the same waves with the contest feature, where you choose the time and number of waves to count, and simulates a real life surfing contest. Catch as many waves as you can in the time period, and get scored on ride length, maneuvers (shwacks), wave size d difficulty, and your speed on the wave, with a judges computer based algorith that will drive competitors crazy. Don’t be afraid to snake your friend, because in this full contact version there is no penalty for dopping in on the other surfer.


Land Access:

Camera Views:

Camera views are your point of view as you play the game.

Two Player:

Two players can play at the same time on the same computer on a split screen. The setting for two players is in the main menu under Single Player. Of course you can play single player also. Two players can surf at the same break, even on the same wave at the same time. The players can also split up and surf different areas, or go on land or use their own jet ski separately.

On Steam a second player can be added remotely as long as the second player is a friend on Steam. The second player does not need to own the game, they just have to be a friend of the owner on Steam. A second player can use any type of computer MAC, or PC with Windows or Linux and it can be different than the host’s computer type. It is best if the host has the best computer, for the game to function smoothly. If using a laptop a good internet connection is necessary. Either of the players can use keyboard and mouse or Xbox controllers.

Player Choice Options:

There is a choice of players accessible from the main menu at any time during the game. Different players surf differently. Some are faster, some turn slower, and different players may be better on different waves.


Single player can use a keyboard and mouse or Xbox controller. The game has full controller support for Xbox controllers. Second player can use an Xbox controller. Mac users may need to install additional drivers to use an Xbox controller.

The developer is a long time surfer from Southern California, who has many years of computer experience.  He saw a need for a decent surfing video game, and set out to make some waves.  After fiddling around part time with mobile games, while simultaneously trying out some digital wave making concepts, the universes collided into a computer generated wave, that could be surfed, but was a close out, and was not functional on mobile.  After some time tweaking the waves and figuring out the system, a rideable wave efficient enough for a PC was developed, along with lots of foam.  With the extra latitude afforded by a PC game, the developer decided on an open world model with jet skis and land accessibility, because as in the real life a surfer, can not live (or play) based on surfing alone, and therefore, Search For Surf was developed into a 3D open world adventure game.  Later, controller support was added, and wave scoring, and contests to add even more interest to the game.  Now it has become a unique surfing game experience pushing the bounds of everyone’s computer who plays it.