Unveil the mysteries of the islands…and surf

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Getting around the islands
Discovering the outer islands
Unveiled mysteries

Surfers Code

  • Video Game For PC
  • 3D Open World
  • Surfing Adventure Game
  • Surfing Simulation

 The Story


What better way to get a peek into the surfing lifestyle than to be a surfer in an adventure surf game. 


Surfers Code, brings you the world of surfing, through a 3D open world, surfing simulation game. 


Contrary to past surfing games, Surfers Code immerses you into surfing through the chill vibe viewpoint of a traveling surfer rather than as a high strung competitive athlete. 


Sure there are contests, wave scoring, and all the surfing maneuvers you expect in a surfing game, but the heart of the game comes from the exploration and interaction with the quirky island characters and exploration. 


Roam the islands, try different breaks, unlock new boards, win a jet ski, then begin your journey to unravel and reveal the secrets of the outer islands.


Soon you will gain a deep understand and appreciation of the meaning of Surfers Code.


Click to browse The Surfing Challenge in the Microsoft store For XBOX

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