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Search For Surf is really cool.  It's an open world 3D surfing game, that simulates realistic surfing form and mechanics. 


Start at the easy slow beginner spot and learn to surf well.  You also need to paddle out and learn to duck dive too.  Change players, switch stance, and customize the game.  New boards and wardrobe will be available in the future.


Continue to better and bigger waves on the other islands.  You are on a surfari, you and your jetski.  Looking for new breaks and different waves.  There are big reef breaks, speedy sandbars, lefts, right, and peaks.  You can even try to shoot the pier.  Take a break on the islands and explore and see what you can find, or jump off the pier or cliffs into the break.


Don't get upset if you didn't bail off the wave on time and got pummeled, pay your dues and learn to surf better, and get addicted to the surfing lifestyle.


There's a free demo that you can play right now, if you haven't already.  Click on the gigantic letters above to start playing.  But the real magic is in the full version, which for now is soon to be on early access on steam.  So try out the surfing and find your wave.


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The Search For Surf developers invite you to get involved.  Leave comments or suggestions and we will consider it in the development of the game.


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 Left Right Peak and Personal Jet Boat to Explore the Islands

Game Play Featuring Paddle Cam and mouse look when paddling, not to mention better turning and control while riding, and now you can throw spray.