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Ed Marx

Based in Oxnard, California



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The developer is a long time southern California native whose interests always kept drawing him back to surfing. 

From a technical background, to development work, and environmental teaching, his interests in surfing and technology converged when he decided to make a video game that captures the essence of surfing.  After a couple of years of development, making some small mobile games, and developing professional artwork skills, he decided that he was ready to take on a larger project that allowed him to share his passion with the rest of the world.  After fiddling with code and learning new techniques, a realistic wave system was developed as the foundation for a realistic surfing video game.  It is now ready to be developed into a full fledged adventure game, with surfing as it's focus.


Game Description

Search for Surf is a video game made to be a realistic surfing game.  Originally designed as an adventure game for surf travelers, it now has two player split screen contest mode, which gives your surfing experience more meaning.  By challenging a friend to a surf contest, you put all the work you did into learning to surf to good use as you shred over your competition.  This is a game made for surfers by surfers, but fun for all, it is the game that gives surfing its due.  Most past surfing video games were made arcade style with lots of tricks and points and button combos to master the game.  Surfing is about catching a good wave and riding it with style.   It's not doing 10 360's on a wave and pulling huge air every time you take off.  That's skateboarding.   It's about positioning and selecting a good wave and being stoked when you get that great wave.  Search for Surf is targeted toward realistic surfing.  Paddle out, line up, and take off like surfing.  Wave variety is built into the game.  Waves will vary with bigger longer waves and shorter smaller waves; waves that you can do tricks on and waves that closeout; fast barrelling sections and mushy slow sections.  You'll have to read the waves and adjust your riding to the waves.  How about an occasional set wave?  That's what we're talking about.  More realism and variety in the lineup. Tricks are possible, but will depend on the wave, timing, and experience.  Snap off the top and pull into the barrel.  You can do that.  Depends on the wave.  Realistic moves, like digging in and setting up for a cutback, setting up your bottom turn for a hard lip smack, pulling off a stall to get deep in the barrel, and even pumping for speed around a fast section, are the kinds of surfing manuevers that this game is about.  Other surfing game tricks were animated and limited to the animations created.  In Search for Surf you are at the mercy of the sea.  Moves are determined by the shape, size, speed, and steepness of the wave, and how you position and set up for the move.

But it's not only about surfing.  Take off on your jet ski or go on land and explore.  Find the next break, a secret spot, another island... That's where the game really begins, when you go and Search For Surf.

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Game Specs

Made for PC.

Current demo is available to play in your browser (Firefox or Chrome).

Full version of game will be downloadable to PC or Mac.

Min specs i3 processor or more recommended.

GTX 750 graphics card recommended.

Works on a Mac but with Chrome browser.

Keyboard Controls (wasd or arrow keys)

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 Game Videos:


Search For Surf - The Video Game Trailer

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