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How come I haven't updated in two months you ask?

Been busy developing the game.  A video of game play will be posted soon.

A few of the main highlights that you will notice are

  • No more green underpants.  That's right.  Character select system is working but not ready, but is working and now you won't have to stare at the surfers green underpants the whole time you're paddling.  A choice of much more attractive players will be available.
  • Sunsets and night surfing.  There's a weather system, that makes all the upgrades to the graphics look even cooler.  Water looks just a bit more real every time, and sunsets are...well...breathtaking, ha ha.  Get it, surfing game, breathtaking?  Not funny?  OK.
  • More stuff on land, and lights at night.  New stuff in the world to explore.  More to come.
  • Only one new break, but more and more to come.
  • Still improving the surfing mechanics and overall everything making it better.

The demo is still available for free to play from this website home page, and from, and on steam, so that will have to keep you stoked until the game comes out.  But it's going well and will be worth the wait.  Tell a friend and like it on any page that you can.

I put the demo on Steam.  Steam the game website...yeah.

You can play it for free.  It's the same demo as the one on this website.

Here's a link to the Steam page:  

Search for Surf Steam page

But wait there's more.  I am developing a new version that will be out in a few weeks.

Here's the next:

  • I added a seadoo to motor around to different spots.
  • 3 new breaks added and more to come.
  • Duck diving works!  Right Mouse to duck dive.
  • You will now need to tap space bar to pop up on a wave.
  • Random set waves.

Not yet changed but needs to be some day - Same player in the green underpants.  Coming soon - lose the green underpants...uh I mean change to more surfey coool character.  In the final there will be a choice of characters.

Physics improvements coming.  Also, graphics improvements are scheduled.  Nothing exceptional but improved.

Have fun playing the demo.  Give it a thumbs up if you like it, and buy the "early access" game on steam in about a month when it comes out.

I may need testers to help, so if you want to try it for free and give constructive feedback then email me and let me know.

Happy surfing.


Hi Everyone,

There's a new surfing video game released on Steam in early access called Virtual Surfing by Waveor.  The graphics are amazingly good, and I'm glad they are continuing on with their project since they haven't updated much for a couple months.  I'm sure there's room for a variety of surfing video games, so play them all.  Ha ha.

I'll keep an eye on their progress and diversify Search for Surf to add something different from their game for players to enjoy.  Currently, I'm looking at Search for Surf tending toward adventure more than aerial tricks and graphics.  I think it should be more video game like, though not arcade like, with surfing as the reward; find cool waves and get good rides, based on your adventures.  Enjoy the atmosphere.

I haven't added much on the site for a while but am at work making the game better.  I added a Seadoo to motor around to other breaks, and added a new test break.  It's a peak, left and right breaks off a new island.  It's not included in the demo but check out the new video.  The new break also has set waves, and random wave generation, so wait for a set wave, or surf the little inside breaks.  There are some bugs in the new build but they are being fixed and everything is on schedule to have a real game by July.  Check back soon more posts will be, well uh, posted more frequently as we get closer to summer in SoCal.

I'm currently making another demo build that will be out shortly.  A video of game play is rendering as I write.

It's done.  click "Read More" to watch below!

I went to add a mouse look to the game, so you could look around while paddling, and I was pleasantly impressed by the new camera view that I added while I was trying to get the mouse look to work.  Short story short, I added a new camera that makes paddling for and catching waves really fun and cool looking.

This makes a huge difference in the game, and I'm excited to hear what comments you might have about the new view.

I'll post again when the new feature is added to the demo, but a video will be up within a day or two.

Check it out.

Your favorite surfing video game developer.