Here's a video of a new feature - first person camera.  A camera from the point of view of the surfer.  It's not first person exactly, that would mean you are seeing what the surfer sees.  It's semi first person.  You see from the surfer point of view but not exactly.  It's easier to play this way.  If it were true first person point of view, it would be very difficult to surf, and you would lose control too easily.  You can control the view to move it until it looks good, and then you can leave it there and it will stay.  This works no matter which direction you go on the wave, left or right.  It also stays behind you when you cut back, so there is no need to control it while surfing.  Just set it and surf.

Been working on making a longer wave.  As you can see, he catches a wave 3 times during this video without paddling back to the start.  This is the result so far, but it has potential to have sections and more variation down the line, with slower, and faster sections, and set waves that break all the way through.



Search For Surf  got reviewed.  I mean played on a website in Japan. PockiSweet, played it on it's early access launch week on Friday the 13th.  Here's a link to the page.

Got a lot of views, and he had fun playing but didn't get waves until the end.

Search For Surf early access was released today on Steam 9-10-19.  Now you can buy it for about 10 USD while it is in early access.  Regular price is set at 12.99 USA.  This will also help us in development, but more so, you will have a really cool surfing 3D open world video game to play.

There are currently 6 breaks, but I won't tell you where they have to search for them.

Check it out and tell your friends.



This should make you want to play, or at least go surfing.  Here is a video of real game play uncut that shows 3 breaks out of the 6 that are available now in the early access release version.  There area lulls and excitement. It's twenty minutes of gameplay, so you can see how it actually works and plays.  Some videos by first time users have been somewhat lacking in showing what is capable in this game, so here you have game play that really shows what play is or will be like when you get some play time in, and get used to the controls and game play, and get past the beginner player stage.  Also, you can see how the breaks are different from one another.  So go to Steam and buy it now, or put it in your wish list on Steam.  Oh, and feel free to comment and review it if you get the chance.


We have been making great improvements to many things in the game.  The best way to show them to you is through the video.

Some highlights are:

A weather system - Day turns into night, and there is fog, rain, tropical sunsets, and it makes the feel and atmosphere really cool for exploring the islands.

Better looking water - We keep coming up with ways to improve the look of the water and make it more realistic looking.  The video doesn't do it justice, you are going to have to see it when playing.

Better Surfing - The surfing is improving but can still use some perfecting.  There are a lot of option and we'll get there, but we're not quite there yet.  If you play the demo then know that it is being improved, easier and more fun and realistic.

 New Characters - Finally you don't have to stare at the guy in the green underpants!  A tiki hut is set up to go on the island and go into the shop and choose from new characters.  Selections are limited, but will be plentiful upon release.

Those are the major additions and we are working tirelessly to get the game out.  Check back soon for updates, and tell everyone about the game.

Happy CyberSurfing.

Search For Surf Crew.