After playing let me know how you liked it.

Hi...Welcome to the Search for Surf the video game webpage.

I'm the Author and creator of the Search for Surf game that this is all about.

If you came to this section then that means you are probably interested in knowing about me.  Either that or you're here on accident.

Some seem to believe in the idea that I'm not selling a game but am selling myself.  That is why I am sitting here by myself, writing about myself instead of making a video game.

So here is myself...happy reading.

It's a mesh with an equation on it.  You thought it was going to something more profound heh?

How's this:  when the wind blows in far off lands, swells are created.  As the swells travel the periods of the waves combine to form larger swells.  As they reach the shore the base of the wave slows causing the balanced wave above to break.

Latest updates last week include new water shader, a new camera system, and the physics improved a little.