Hi...Welcome to the Search for Surf the video game webpage.

I'm the Author and creator of the Search for Surf game that this is all about.

If you came to this section then that means you are probably interested in knowing about me.  Either that or you're here on accident.

Some seem to believe in the idea that I'm not selling a game but am selling myself.  That is why I am sitting here by myself, writing about myself instead of making a video game.

So here is myself...happy reading.

First thing to tell you is that I'm old. 

I started making video games after I turned old and I'm still old.  I won't disclose my age since it keeps changing, so I would have to keep updating it just about every year.  I'm likely older than you, but not as mature.  That's for sure.  They say you're only as old as you think you are, and that is true, but it's also true that after thinking how old you are for a long time you tend to think that you are older.

I don't make video games for a living.

I work full time and currently make Search for Surf in my spare time.  If you want to support me, I would love to work on the game full time and quit working my day job.  Just let me know.

I don't really like playing video games.

I don't own a console, or even a very good cell phone (I have a bitchin' computer though).  I like Sega Hockey 2007 (I think 2007) because you could knock down the whole other team after scoring a goal when play stopped but you still had control of your player.  Also, the twitching bloody head player after a good check was cool too.  Since then I played Grand Theft Auto, which has such a gigantic world...and is fun.  Pretty amazing what 10yrs of development in technology will bring.


I still surf.

And I'm not the oldest one in the water.  I don't surf as much as I used to, and don't even surf very much anymore.  But I used to surf a lot.  I learned when I was in high school around Ventura, and later lived on the beach in San Diego during and after college where I surfed nearly every day.  Later, I lived on some other continents where I found that the waves in southern California, where surfing is most popular, are rather unspectacular; at least in size, consistency, and crowdedness, not to mention the lack of comfortableness of the temperature of the water.  It's not bad.  But it is, in my opinion overrated.  Even though it's not really rated anyways.

Still here?

Well that's a little about me.  Hope you are not asleep yet.  I have some cool surf stories and other tidbits of interest that I will write about occasionally - When your fingers get sore from video game play then take a break and check them out.

Play the demo free. 

Enjoy the game when it is released.

Thanks for reading.