Steam and are having their summer video game sales events, and Search For Surf is on sale for $8, the lowest price ever.

If you have been waiting or putting off getting this game, then now is the best time to get it.

You will get all the features of the game, such as:

  • First Person Surfing
  • Two Player Split Screen Contest
  • Full Controller Support
  • Waves
  • Physics Realistic Surfing Simulation
  • Fun
  • Land Adventure Play
  • Free Jet Ski Riding
  • Choice of Players

The game is at a stable and advanced state, and is ready to be expanded and improved, but is still pretty basic.  So now is the time to get it while it's not finished yet, and you can get a discount, and still get the completed game as it gets developed and updated.

Buy it from the linked box on the front page of this website, or go to Steam and search for Search For Surf.

Have a Great Happy Summer!


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