Two player is currently being tested.  It is awesome.  Plug in an Xbox controller or two and you and a buddy can roam the surfing world conquering waves together.  Want to roust your brother?  Challenge him to a contest at any break at any time.  Even full contact surfing no rules is possible...without drowning.  Score the best of as many as 10 waves or one great ride, you can choose how many waves count in the settings.  Also, the timer can be set for a 1 min quickie contest or for a 30 min marathon surf session.  You can switch from singe player to two players at any time, and start a contest anywhere at any time too.

You'll need an xbox controller and a good computer to play 2 person but it's worth it.  Watch below in this pretty not so great video that shows one guy surfing first person in the top view, while the other player is parked on his jet ski and watching him surf in the other view.  It gets even better when both players are surfing at the same time, even on the same wave, or having a contest.  Your surfing skills will be put to good use when you can slaughter your friends in a contest at the local breaks that you've been regularly surfing and have wired.  It's available now on the homepage of this website, on or on Steam.  The update with the two player version will be released really soon, in like two days or a week for pc and one to two weeks on mac.  So buy it now while it's only $10 because it's worth more than that, and the price is likely to increase when the game is released.


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