Search For Surf first update since the early access release. If you haven't visited Search For Surf now is a good time to visit. If you haven't played then it's on sale now until Dec 3 so hurry and buy it.

The good news
Two new surf breaks added. There's a slow easy wave at the village. Good for learning. Waves like the beginner area near the Tiki Hut but longer and with some set waves.

The other break is a really long right off the lighthouse. Find the lighthouse and you'll find the waves. Hint: follow the dolphins.

Here's what you're really gonna like:

First person camera. It's challenging but really cool. Hit the F key to toggle through the different views. Pro cam is first person but it's kind of hard to control. When you get good, try it. It's really good but takes some skill to control and get right. Works on lefts and rights. I recommend going to the lighthouse and trying it on the long lighthouse right.

For Beginners: There's an easy view. Press f until the view is way outside. It zooms out and is easier to see where waves are and makes it easier to catch waves.

The other thing you're really gonna like....Press P. What's that? The jet ski is on my head. That's right, a jet ski free retrieval button. Go anywhere and your jet ski is there at the press of a button.

Paddling is faster. Paddling has been improved and it's now faster. Paddling is faster.

Catching a wave is easier. You still have to line up to catch a wave, but now hold down space bar and you will pop up to standing as soon as you get up to speed. No more guessing. Believe me, it's easier. Did I mention tapping up arrow makes you paddle faster?