Preparing the first update since the early access launch.  Here's a video showing the ProCam.  There will be 3 choices of camera views. Far away easy, so you can play easily and have more fun, the regular view that is currently in the game, and this view...Pro Cam.  Pro cam looks the coolest in my opinion and makes play more realistic.  You can really see the wave and where and how hard you want to hit the lip.  However, it's harder to control.  You have to set the camera in position to how you like it, for either a left or right, but once it's set it will stay and it's really cool looking.  Other updates are; two new breaks.  One long wave, almost twice as long as the longest other breaks.  A break at the village.  Dolphins were added.  You can follow them to the new break.  And there's a shark.  I took him out of the tree but you still will have to find him.  New upgrade will be available in less than two weeks, and that's as vague as I can be about it.

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