Here's a video of a new feature - first person camera.  A camera from the point of view of the surfer.  It's not first person exactly, that would mean you are seeing what the surfer sees.  It's semi first person.  You see from the surfer point of view but not exactly.  It's easier to play this way.  If it were true first person point of view, it would be very difficult to surf, and you would lose control too easily.  You can control the view to move it until it looks good, and then you can leave it there and it will stay.  This works no matter which direction you go on the wave, left or right.  It also stays behind you when you cut back, so there is no need to control it while surfing.  Just set it and surf.

Been working on making a longer wave.  As you can see, he catches a wave 3 times during this video without paddling back to the start.  This is the result so far, but it has potential to have sections and more variation down the line, with slower, and faster sections, and set waves that break all the way through.