How come I haven't updated in two months you ask?

Been busy developing the game.  A video of game play will be posted soon.

A few of the main highlights that you will notice are

  • No more green underpants.  That's right.  Character select system is working but not ready, but is working and now you won't have to stare at the surfers green underpants the whole time you're paddling.  A choice of much more attractive players will be available.
  • Sunsets and night surfing.  There's a weather system, that makes all the upgrades to the graphics look even cooler.  Water looks just a bit more real every time, and sunsets are...well...breathtaking, ha ha.  Get it, surfing game, breathtaking?  Not funny?  OK.
  • More stuff on land, and lights at night.  New stuff in the world to explore.  More to come.
  • Only one new break, but more and more to come.
  • Still improving the surfing mechanics and overall everything making it better.

The demo is still available for free to play from this website home page, and from, and on steam, so that will have to keep you stoked until the game comes out.  But it's going well and will be worth the wait.  Tell a friend and like it on any page that you can.

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