Two Player is now available.  Buy it now from the home page, or from Steam, or from

Two player is awesome fun.  Change to two player in the game menu (esc) and you'll get a split screen for the two players.  You need two Xbox controllers to play, then you can travel around together or separately, surf at the same spots, or at different ones, catch the same wave or different ones, run each other over with jet skis, or watch the other player surf.  But, what you are going to want to do is play the other player in a contest.  There are timed contests where you can choose how many scores count.  Choices are from 1 min to 30 min, and you can have from 1 to 10 wave scores count.  Wave score is determined by flaky judges based on number and quality of schwacks, length of ride, speed on the wave, size of the wave, and the speed of the wave (difficulty).  The scores are displayed as you play a contest.  To start a contest, go to the main menu with esc or the menu button on the controller.  Choose contest, and set your time and number of wave scores that count.  Number of scores means that you can catch as many waves during the contest as you want but only the number you choose will count.  For example you choose two wave scores. If you catch 3 waves only the top two will be added together as your score, and the third is thrown out.  As long as you take off or stand on a wave before the time is at zero your score will count.  There are no disqualification rules, so this may lead to a lot of cheating and full contact surfing, but we'll see if there's any complaints about that.  Maybe we'll have snakes getting eaten by sharks.

Try it out and let me know what you think.  Also post videos of your two player games.

Changing players is not allowed currently as I make new players.  It will be available again soon.

 There is now a cheat button "Y" that puts your player at the takeoff spot ready to paddle and catch the next wave when it comes.  It's available at the 3 beginner breaks.  Makes it much easier for beginners to learn and get on a wave sooner, and is good for practicing surfing.

The surfing was changed slightly.  Let me know if you notice a difference.  It is easier to make a hard top turn.  You also will land faster.  No more floating away so much when you hit the lip too early.  Technically the center of gravity was moved back toward the tail for top smacks.

Here's another video of two player.  The surfing is not that good because I only have one player to test it playing both surfers.

Two player is currently being tested.  It is awesome.  Plug in an Xbox controller or two and you and a buddy can roam the surfing world conquering waves together.  Want to roust your brother?  Challenge him to a contest at any break at any time.  Even full contact surfing no rules is possible...without drowning.  Score the best of as many as 10 waves or one great ride, you can choose how many waves count in the settings.  Also, the timer can be set for a 1 min quickie contest or for a 30 min marathon surf session.  You can switch from singe player to two players at any time, and start a contest anywhere at any time too.

You'll need an xbox controller and a good computer to play 2 person but it's worth it.  Watch below in this pretty not so great video that shows one guy surfing first person in the top view, while the other player is parked on his jet ski and watching him surf in the other view.  It gets even better when both players are surfing at the same time, even on the same wave, or having a contest.  Your surfing skills will be put to good use when you can slaughter your friends in a contest at the local breaks that you've been regularly surfing and have wired.  It's available now on the homepage of this website, on or on Steam.  The update with the two player version will be released really soon, in like two days or a week for pc and one to two weeks on mac.  So buy it now while it's only $10 because it's worth more than that, and the price is likely to increase when the game is released.


Search For Surf first update since the early access release. If you haven't visited Search For Surf now is a good time to visit. If you haven't played then it's on sale now until Dec 3 so hurry and buy it.

The good news
Two new surf breaks added. There's a slow easy wave at the village. Good for learning. Waves like the beginner area near the Tiki Hut but longer and with some set waves.

The other break is a really long right off the lighthouse. Find the lighthouse and you'll find the waves. Hint: follow the dolphins.

Here's what you're really gonna like:

First person camera. It's challenging but really cool. Hit the F key to toggle through the different views. Pro cam is first person but it's kind of hard to control. When you get good, try it. It's really good but takes some skill to control and get right. Works on lefts and rights. I recommend going to the lighthouse and trying it on the long lighthouse right.

For Beginners: There's an easy view. Press f until the view is way outside. It zooms out and is easier to see where waves are and makes it easier to catch waves.

The other thing you're really gonna like....Press P. What's that? The jet ski is on my head. That's right, a jet ski free retrieval button. Go anywhere and your jet ski is there at the press of a button.

Paddling is faster. Paddling has been improved and it's now faster. Paddling is faster.

Catching a wave is easier. You still have to line up to catch a wave, but now hold down space bar and you will pop up to standing as soon as you get up to speed. No more guessing. Believe me, it's easier. Did I mention tapping up arrow makes you paddle faster?

There is a secret surfing game that you can play in your browser.  You don't have to use Edge.  Chrome works best.  You can only get it by clicking the link below.  It is way better than the one that Microsoft added, in my biased opinion.  If you like it, check out the Real Game On Steam at this link.  It is an open world surfing simulation, where you ride around on a jet ski to search for waves and adventure.

Search For Surf - The video game on Steam

Click below to play it.

Preparing the first update since the early access launch.  Here's a video showing the ProCam.  There will be 3 choices of camera views. Far away easy, so you can play easily and have more fun, the regular view that is currently in the game, and this view...Pro Cam.  Pro cam looks the coolest in my opinion and makes play more realistic.  You can really see the wave and where and how hard you want to hit the lip.  However, it's harder to control.  You have to set the camera in position to how you like it, for either a left or right, but once it's set it will stay and it's really cool looking.  Other updates are; two new breaks.  One long wave, almost twice as long as the longest other breaks.  A break at the village.  Dolphins were added.  You can follow them to the new break.  And there's a shark.  I took him out of the tree but you still will have to find him.  New upgrade will be available in less than two weeks, and that's as vague as I can be about it.

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