Two Players Can Surf At The Same Time

Paddle out and catch some waves.  Search For Surf the video game allows you have a surf adventure even if you've never surfed before.  Ease into surfing by learning at the gentle mushy waves of the beginner breaks.  Find out who you are by choosing a surfer from the Tiki Hut.  Once you're satisfied with your surfing and abilities you will want to surf more challenging faster, bigger, and better waves.


Take your jets ski and explore the islands.  There are big reef breaks, speedy sandbars, lefts, right, and peaks.  You can even try to shoot the pier.  Take a break on the islands and explore and see what you can find, or jump off the pier or cliffs into the break.


Don't get upset if you didn't bail off the wave on time and got pummeled, pay your dues and learn to surf better, and get addicted to the surfing lifestyle.


The game is available at or on Steam.  You can click on the box above to purchase it and start surfing right now.


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