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USE UP ARROW (w) TO GO FORWARD                   RIGHT ARROW (d) TO GO RIGHT                             LEFT ARROW (a) TO GO LEFT

                         Space Bar to Get Up                                                   Right Mouse click to duck dive



What do you say there?  I'm looking for some dedicated Surfing (or not) video game players (or not) to play and get interested in a new surfing video game.  Check out the blog for details of the game and where it's headed, development tips and hassles, and just anything surf or cool. 

There's a demo that you can play right now, if you haven't already.

Click on the link above to start playing.

How to play - Use the arrows or the wasd keys on your keyboard to move forward left and right.

That's all you say?  Well...You're right.  Now there is Right Mouse click to duck dive.  Space Bar to get up (only when going fast enough).

That's all that's needed.  You will be pushed by the wave and will only have control based on the wave.

Catch a wave by paddling in on the right spot on the wave.  You will get to your feet when the wave pushes you fast enough to stand.  Press space bar when the surfer starts to get up.  Tip: Wait till the wave gets steep enough and angle off a little.

The wave will push you and give you power to get speed, so move around on the wave and make small turns to get in the right position and set up for a good turn.

Bonus New Feature:  You can now get slotted!  Turn and stall and set your rail if you get into the breaking part of the wave, it will shoot you out onto the face with speed to spare.

Experimentation is encouraged.  


Come back soon


There will be irregular updates


Get stoked!